ChicBack Interchangeable Straps

Learn about our bra straps that show off your bare back

Wearing an exposed bra with a bare back used to be unthinkable. How many amazing garments did we opt out of wearing because our breasts were not comfortably secure or because of that unsightly crux of the bandeau peering out in the middle of our back?
The solution for most women for this type of situation has been to either go braless, not the most comfortable option for many women, or to use a sticky bra. The latter can be quite cumbersome as you are constantly trying to avoid any slippage, and they do not offer the support and comfort most of us need.
Neither solution is particularly feasible for many of us. Women have not really had the option of wearing any kind of bra that would allow us to highlight our beautiful back and feel oh so sexy.
These last years have seen a steady increase in tops with low-cut backs. They give off an air of sensuality, elegance, and it is the type of neckline we love to wear.

Why use a bra with interchangeable straps?

Women have always wanted to wear a bra without everybody else knowing about it. With our products, we want you to feel comfortable not just wearing a bra, but purposefully showing it off. We want it to become a part of your own unique sense of fashion.
The brassiere is a garment meant to make you look better, feel more confident, and make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Characteristics of our interchangeable straps

Our interchangeable straps are not just part of a bra, they are another accessory. These fanciful straps on your back improve your outfit, they give it an added touch of elegance on par with the overall look for that special occasion.
We complement all tastes and preferences. We have straps with studs, fringes, gemstones, chains, lace. For the ladies who are a little bit punk, a little bit minimalist, rebellious, romantic, glamorous…

    There are 18 designs:

Gia, Hada, Victoria, Beatrice are just some of the designs available. You can choose between a size S and M, while some designs also offer size L.
We have a separate tab on our website for you to calculate your own size and make sure your bra will fit just right.

How to use our bra straps with your backless tops?

To begin using our ChicBack designs, the first thing you need to do is choose your bra size and favorite color. We have three colors to choose from: white, black and nude. The multiway shoulder straps allow you to wear your bra in the traditional way, halter or criss cross style. Then choose the decorative ChicBack back strap from our range of styles. Our website provides you with a size guide where you input your regular bra size and we recommend the ChicBack bra and strap sizes best suited for you.
Our decorative ChicBack straps can only be used with our bras. With just one of our bras you can use all the available ChicBack strap design styles.

ChicBack with your favourite outfits

You’ve been invited to that dream event and you’ve already chosen the outfit you’re going to wear. The key is to have a stunning back to show off. Now all that’s left to do is play around with our wide range of interchangeable straps.
Don’t be afraid to take risks. There are no rules and you will be the centre of attention.
Have fun adding that personal touch to your clothes.