Show your back!

Showing your back without your bra being seen has always been a problem. Hasn’t it? How many times have you wanted to wear that dress or that sexy blouse, that looks so good on you, but you haven`t done it because of those unsophisticated straps? The problem is solved with our revolutionary ChicBack system! Do you want to show off your back? Now you can.

ChicBack bra is unique, as it combines the cup with different design accessories for your back. One for each moment of the day or night, one for each woman’s individual style:
urban, romantic, sexy, rock, elegant, casual, glamorous, punk …

So you don’t have problems, we remind you: At least you need one of our bras, so you just have to choose the color you like and your size. Once you have the bra, you can combine it with any of our chicback, so you can wear your back!



ChicBack is a 100% Spanish company, created in 2017, founded because of women’s both basic and aesthetic needs: being able to dress showing their back without worrying about the bra.

ChicBack has created a unique bra in the market with interchangeable straps that adorn the back with different patterns and designs, all designed for different moments and styles of women all while following the latest trends.

The company has the patent for this innovative design in Spain and 152 other countries.

In addition, ChicBack is committed to social and labor inclusion, collaborating with the Juan XXIII Roncalli Foundation, whose work centres on the integration of people with disabilities.


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