A bra for your backless tops
A bra with interchangeable back straps
How it works
Choose your favorite ChicBack strap style: urban, sexy, daring... or elegant, for those special occasions.
Choose your ChicBack bra to attach and combine with your favorite straps.
Show off your beautiful back with a touch of glam.
Now you can go backless with a stylish and comfortable bra
Our collection

Designs for all occasions and styles. Looking for the latest trends? Don’t miss out on our collection.

ChicBack bras for backless tops

Flaunt your back with Chicback! Our catalog of bras was designed especially for ladies who want to show off their backless dresses, in any size, cup, body shape, etc. Our styles are for all women, diverse and elegant, just like you.

At ChicBack we know that it is not always easy to show off your back, so we make it easy for you to wear your favorite dresses with a touch of sophistication and the style you fancy. We’ve designed our bras in a variety of styles and shapes to complement your own personality and unique sense of fashion.

We’ll help you choose the ideal size and style for you. With our size guide you can pick the right size that adapts perfectly to your figure. Highlighting that back and looking simply perfect has never been easier.

Our online store has all our bra styles in stock: casual, rock ‘n’ roll, chic, romantic, elegant, ethnic…we have poured our hearts into making sure that every lady can find her ideal style and dress up her back to perfection.

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